Morning humor

14 November 2019

Start your day with endorphin

I don't need a big brother camera in your homes to know that the majority of you start a day with a usual routine of mixing bathroom and kitchen activities. The minority will head straight for some physical activity - well done for you!

What I don't like and you don't need is a morning rush to devices: TV and mobile phones, as the most common.

TV - For how many days, months and years will you watch She and He running a morning program while sitting in some improvised living room in the studio ?!

Mobile - Do you really need to start a day with sports results, Trump's tweets, weather forecast, or, worst of all, reading news about celebrities?!

And here is how you can do it, without saying goodbye to your beloved screens. Start a day by watching something funny. Three to five minutes will do. My favorite is comedian Louis C.K.

I find him being a modern-day philosopher. By adding brilliant acting skills he masterminded all of us and life as a whole. He has become my Morning Endorphin Guru. You are free to pick your favorite comedian, but start a day like this.

Not checking your e-mail - do it later.

Not browsing through news - they will reach you later anyway.

Not reading your friends' posts from the previous night.

Instead, have fun from the start of the day! Trust me, you will love it.