for the best supporting role in Promoting Teamwork Worldwide

No comparison here to basketball, football, or rugby. Because, tennis is an individual sport, as we know.

Yet, innovations made by organisers were so good and so effective, that they made this inaugural competition memorable.

Teammates were very close to the player on court, visible to everyone, so the player and viewers see emotional reactions. They were also "wired", so we could hear what exactly they say to each other.

For the first time we could see joint national team coach (all of them famous) and players' personal coaches  sitting together in the box, doing their bit of work simultaneously. TV cameras caught nicely small details: quiet cheering, nodding, straight in the eye looks.

Above all, we could hear players and found out about what is really in their minds, right when it happens, during the tense moments in the game (and not in an interview after the match, after they cool-off and sound traditionally tennis polite and polished).

The audience was excited. Players were excited. TV viewers were excited.

In the end, don't just finish reading this article concluding I have a point. Do something about it at your work place!

Going out for a dinner together is fine. Occasional team building gathering is fine. But, that is not nearly as memorable as those moments when you support each other (i.e. congratulating, thanking, applauding, shouting, cheering and yes, hugging)  at the end of a successful project!

Have that team-winning ATP Cup feeling!